Coming to terms with reality- Homosexuality is no longer shameful. Gay Pride.

One’s sexuality is one’s own. It is the personal choice of the individual to choose what he/she wants to be on a sexual front. Homosexuality in males and Male bisexuality has become a wide phenomenon these days. There are many men these days that have come to terms with their originality and are no more shy to accept it in front of the world. There are many reasons why people have to hide their true identity sometimes. It may be simply the threat of the society or may be the fear of acceptance. The person might think of the consequences that something like this may have on his family and friends. There is no particular time when one is to realize that they are sexually inclined towards the same sex. It may be at any point in life. One can be happily married to a woman and may realize much later in life that he is attracted towards men. This obviously ruins family and social life of man. There have been many examples of the same in the past even famous and influential personalities in the world have been a victim to such situations. Jim McGreevey, who was a very important man for America, came to know that he is a homosexual after years and years of sound marriage and two lovely children. His world must have come crashing down on him. The idea of mere rejection causes fear, so the consequences can be devastating among family and friends, depending on their personal views on the matter. He resigned from his position as the governor of New Jersey.


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Now it is difficult to say whether people who are homosexuals are born this way or have become this way in the course of their lives. They are of various types. A man may be attracted to other men from the start. In the adolescent age, one might realize his inclinations towards other guys they play across the street with. Then there are others who do not realize it until much later. There are many men who have realized their identity yet chose to keep it as a secret. This has obvious reasons and this is how a person moves into an inward shell and choose to hide away from his own feelings and emotional attractions.


CNN's Anderson Cooper is openly gay. There are many notable gay and lesbian people who have decided to come out of the closet in the last 10 years. Our society has changed to be tolerant and accepting of others. Whoopi Goldberg is admittedly bisexual. "There was a time I played on both sides of the street.
Now I just go straight down the middle of the street." Whoopi Goldberg also admitted to having multiple affairs on The View.

There are many people who realize that they are gay or bisexual only in the later stage of life. This may be in some cases a result of an extreme trauma that a person has faced in life and can be due to abrupt and sudden changes in the hormonal balance of a man. The bible arguement about homosexuality and some may say bisexuality, varies as well. But these are merely ways of interpreting the situation. When it comes to discovering oneself and accepting the true identity of a person, it calls for some very gutsy decisions. There is much at stake and these things are to be kept in mind when one thinks of something like this. When there are so many important decisions to be kept in mind.

In present scenario homosexuality is neither a crime according to laws and nor it is against the law of nature. It is an emotion that cannot be controlled by the person confronting it, male or female. There are different communities available a homosexual person can talk with without compromising with privacy issues. According to some researches homosexuality is biologically determined accompanied by various reasons and facts to support. These researches are helping a lot to provide clear understanding about homosexuality and challenged a range of misconceptions related to it. Nowadays homosexuals are also getting the same respect and rights as other people do, marriage rights, and especially psychological respect. This is the next generation of society, where humanity and technology go together, success matters and homosexuality no longer stands in the way or interferes with that in most countries.

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